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Moving Tips

Packing Clothes Effectively - Get the Ball Rolling

Start by packing your clothing that is out of season. For example if you are moving in summer. Pack up you winter clothes, boots, winter sporting equipment, etc. This will give you a sense of accomplishment. A common mistake made when packing clothing is to pack using the largest moving box possible. This is a problem because once that moving box is filled it is heavy and very awkward to lift. Also if you are carry a large packing box in front of your face, you can't see where you are going. Consider packing many smaller boxes that have a manageable weight versus a few mammoth and heavy boxes. Moving Day Boxes suggests that you pack folding clothes in our Medium Moving Boxes or Large Moving Boxes . For gowns, ski suits or anything you don't want to fold for fear of wrinkling we suggest a Wardrobe Moving Boxes.

Apply the 80/20 Rule to Packing

Le't face it you wear your favorite 20% of your clothes 80% of the time. If you use this 80/20 mindset to look at your closets, you can do a great job of packing the 80% of the clothes that you wear only 20% of the time. This way you can continue to wear the clothes you need and enjoy as you start packing.

The One Year Rule & What To Toss

Apply the "One Year Rule." If you have not used an item in one year or more, consider donating it, if you can't bring yourself to donate it, pack these items first. Adhering to this rule will greatly minimize on the pile of belongings you are not sure what to do with, so consider trying it.

Packing Up the Kitchen

A month before your move start using up dry and canned goods. This will save you money at the grocery store and since many movers charge by the weight of your belongings this will save you money on your move as well. During your last week of packing, consider using paper plates and recyclable plastic utensils and cups. This will enable you to pack all of your glassware and china. Remember this Important point about packing glassware and china - always use packing paper not newspaper. Newspaper can bleed ink on your valuables that can be impossible to get off. After you have thoroughly wrapped your kitchen up and protected them with packing paper. Place these items in kitchen moving boxes. They are especially strong double-walled boxes designed to withstand the toughest of environments.

Packing Your Bed and Mattress - Moving Trucks

Pack all mattresses and box springs in a mattress cover. Moving Day Boxes only uses mattress covers that have a vent in them. Vents for mattress storage are critical because they allow the mattress to breathe during the move or storage period. Otherwise your mattress can have strong odor when unpacked. Another reason that mattress bags are important is because both mover's trucks and rental trucks are notoriously dirty. Because of mattresses heavy but awkward nature people typically heave the mattress to the front lip of the moving truck's storage area then drag it over to where it needs to go.